Shawn Livingston is a storyteller, decorated ultra-marathon runner, recovered addict, and mental health advocate - in every sense, he has come a long way. Now he’s taking his next climb as a public speaker. Shawn is a champion for tapping in to your personal power, and he shows us how confronting shame can allow us to achieve superhuman feats. Shawn currently lives and runs in Austin, TX.


Woke the Monster

A profound documentary that captures true insight on the inner struggle and mental anguish behind PTSD & addiction. The story is told following the treacherous adventure of Shawn's journey running the Pinhoti 100 mile trail race through the Talledega National Forrest in Alabama, paralleled with his family's battle of living with his demons. Their lives unfold in front of us as we experience Shawn's past events that gave him the courage to run 100 miles and the will to push forward.


Watch Shawn share his story with Lance Armstrong on

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Wicked Trail welcomes Shawn Livingston as their first sponsored athlete. 

Wicked Trail aims to promote those who have run the Wicked Trail, and now commit their lives to service, gratitude, and adventure. Wicked Trail provides support for Shawn as he provides support for others. 


A Pacer’s voice kept my feet moving during the darkness of my first 100 mile race.

It was a Pacer that pulled me out of the hopelessness of heroin addiction.

Look around you. Who can you pull up the mountain? Who can you inspire to change course? Who can you spark up conversation with, like the stranger at my 100 mile race, and leave them in a better place?

What’s Next


September 14, 2019

The Tahoe 100k is a point to point exploration of the Tahoe Rim Trail and the Tahoe Basin. The route will take Shawn on a magical journey from the East side of Lake Tahoe along the Rim Trail, through the mountains with views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.